Sunday, January 2, 2011


One of my biggest dreams is to open my own coffeeshop. I have it all planned out, down to the name. I have quit drinking and smoking and now coffee is my only addiction left and I hold on to it with a tight, but shaky, grip. Since coffee is SUCH a huge part of my life I thought I'd share my favorites.

Places- My favorite local coffeeshop is Flying M. Excellent coffee, friendly staff, eclectic clientele. It oozes creative vibes. Favorite time to go is Valentines week when they have their Art Auction to benefit Aids programs. All of the art is donated by people in the community and just walking around looking at all of the things these creative Boiseans come up with is so inspiring!

Coffee- While I do not like coffeeshops that have such a corporate vibe, I do admire how well they have done it. Starbucks offers a free cup of coffee when you bring in an empty store bought bag. It'll say so on the front of the bag. So when I have to study and I am broke I go there and park it.
My favorite Starbucks coffee is Komodo Dragon. It's pretty awesome and hard to find. Bold and balanced. The way I like my men.

Tell me your favorites. What kind, where, when, and how?


  1. In the Spring/Summer I love to go sit outside by the fountain at 36th Street is so beautiful. I can ride my bike or my scooter and they make the best cappucinos ever!

  2. I had such a great time with you at Flying M. Give me a ring if you are down there and not writing so I can meet you. Or even if you are writing. It would inspire me to do the same.
    I am working in Eagle so I go to Rembrandt's Coffee House. They have free-trade, organic yumminess. Love the decor also.

  3. I love Rembrandts! The old church decor is so wonderful. That is exactly how I want my house to look. Not my coffeeshop, though. It's too nice for my shop, I want more funk.
    I'd love to meet you anytime this week. Let's connect!

  4. I love coffee shops and would love to own a coffee shop/bookstore/art house. I can live in any of those places for days. I have my favs in different places depending on my mood.
    Daily double latte at Flying M.
    Dark and Spicy Mocha at Alia's.
    Double iced mocha at Moxie's or, seasonally, the Bob Marley or the Mele Kaliki Mocha. Not available everywhere.
    Bowl of Soul at Java.
    Daily latte at Starbucks and a code for free tunes when I am nowhere near the Flying M.
    I can't remember the name of the drink at Rembrandt's. Something with the word cat in it.